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Avr programmer

Here is our work for an STK500v2 compatible AVR programmer based on implementation of Guido Socher's from
We've managed to route a really small PCB using small SMD components, on a single layer arrangement with only 2 air-wires needed. As you can see from the following pictures you can print 6x small PCBs on a 10cmx8cm board (size limited by Cadsoft Eagle freeware version).


I always liked good quality soldering tools, even though I currently have a nice ELV 50 Watts digital soldering station, I decided to build my own soldering base station using an existing WPS80 soldering iron manufactured by Weller. After looking on the net to see others DIY projects I decided to develop a different one, with several improvements in the design.

eSol overview


    1. History
    Back in 2000 I built one small embedded device used for repairing of broken PC monitors. The motivation was to avoid the need of one operational PC near the technician desk used only to generate test rasters, because PCs are usually ocupying lot of space and are hard to operate if one doesn't see the image (broken monitor). You can add also the operations needed to switch the resolutions in regular operating systems and you have a complete picture of using such an equipment to repair PC monitors.
    Looking for an embedded solution (small size advantages) I started to look at the existing graphics chips existing on the market, but I quickly abandoned this direction because of the increased complexity for such a task. Second ideea was to use an existing general purpose microcontroller to generate video signals so I started to play with one AVR microcontroller. The chip used was an AT90S1200 which was the first AVR family member, having serious resources constraints not existing in modern present chips. After some experiments on this platform I succeded to create an embedded monitor tester aproximately the size of an portable CD player.

    2. Monitor tester - second edition :)
    Currently I have redesigned the old device using a new AVR chip (ATTiny2313) having improved several aspects like new resolutions, reduced dimensions, battery powered operation.

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    1. Preamble
    The oscilloscope is one of the the most important tools to be used by any electronics hobbyist but not everybody can afford to have one. As commercial scopes are often too expensive, almost every electronics hobbyist thought at a certain time to build one from scratch. The classical oscilloscope (cathode ray tube) is difficult to build at home because of its size, mechanical fragility, high voltages presence, etc. An alternative solution is the modern "PC oscilloscope", having the advantage of post-processing and recording capabilities, and kind of reduced complexity. However, this solution is often non-portable, expensive (requires an PC) and dangerous for the PC if not isolated from it's chassis. The third solution, commonly used these days by all commercial oscilloscope manufacturers, is the digital oscilloscope with LCD screen. Therefore, the authors decided to use this solution, and tried to develop it using common parts from today's component retailers.

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    1. Introduction
    Just the files and some pictures for now on, a description will be added soon. Some technical information can be found in the archive.

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